We have been serving good Bangladeshi contemporary and traditional dishes for over a decade. Meet our happy patrons who always have good time at the restaurants and enjoy its food.

The problem with the UK is that there are ‘curry houses’ everywhere. How can one differentiate from the next?

Somehow this place does through intimate cuisine service and excellent food quality. It’s one of my favourites and everytime it gets better.

Try asking for something not on the menu, or a hybrid of some dishes that are. You won’t be disappointed, but be sure to wash it down with an ice cold point of Cobra.

The restaurant is rumoured to be having a reburshment soon and with it I’m told will be a completely modern, refreshed and cool experience…..including wireless charging. But I know the great food will continue regardless.

Visited August 2015, reviewed on tripadvisor


Had an early evening meal with young children. The restaurant was very quiet as it was only 6pm Saturday. The staff were delightful and the food delicious, pleasing the more fastidious adults. Definitely good value.
By the time we left the place was full. Faultless food and service. Carry on the good work.